Zashchitnaya Bay

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Suomenvedenpohja is located in Leningrad Oblast
The location of Zashchitnaya Bay in Leningrad oblast.
Zashchitnaya Bay in OpenStreetMap
Kivisillansalmi (Russian: Пролив Гвардейский) is one of the two waterways leading from the Bay of Vyborg to Zashchitnaya Bay. The present-day ship route to Saimaa Canal runs below the bridge.
The other waterway from the Bay of Vyborg to Zashchitnaya Bay is Linnansalmi, in which the Castle of Vyborg is located. The old ship route to Saimaa Canal up to 1930s ran through Linnansalmi.

Zashchitnaya Bay (Russian: Бухта Защитная, Finnish: Suomenvedenpohja) is an end of Vyborg Bay in Russian Federation in the City of Vyborg (Finnish: Viipuri) in the Leningrad Oblast. The Vyborg Bay is itself a bay of the Gulf of Finland (Finnish: Suomenlahti) in the Baltic Sea. The Castle of Vyborg and the Park Monrepos are located by Zashchitnaya Bay. The old 1856 opened Saimaa Canal, as well as the new one, both begin in Zashchitnaya Bay, too.


Before 1944 Suomenvedenpohja was located in the city of Viipuri and in municipality of Viipuri (Finnish: Viipurin maalaiskunta) in Finland.

In the Middle Ages, the river Vuoksa had an outlet in Suomenvedenpohja, which however dried up little by little due to post-glacial rebound and was left completely dry in 1857 when the Kiviniemi rapids in Losevo (Russian: Лосево, Finnish: Kiviniemi), Karelian isthmus were formed and the Burnaya River (Russian: Бурная, Finnish: Taipaleenjoki) became the main outlet of Vuoksa.


Coordinates: 60°45′N 28°43′E / 60.750°N 28.717°E / 60.750; 28.717