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Zatopeks in Italy, 2014
Background information
OriginLondon, United Kingdom
GenresPop punk, punk rock
Years active2001–present
MembersWill DeNiro
Sebby Zatopek
Pete Sematary
Sammie the Giant

Zatopeks are a British pop punk band who formed in the United Kingdom in 2001; several band members played together in the band called 3½ Inch Floppy founded in 1999 at Birmingham University. They released their first album (Ain't Nobody Left But Us, 2005) on Stardumb Records, and their sophomore effort (Damn Fool Music, 2007) on Household Name Records in the United Kingdom, and Whoa Oh Records in the US. Their early sound was a blend of Lookout! Records style pop punk with cultural references to early rock n' roll,[1] but since then the group's approach has diversified to include other styles such as folk music,[2] jazz and streetpunk, with lyrics on subjects ranging from travel and philosophy to left-wing politics.[3] They have also been compared to early punk bands such as the Buzzcocks and The Undertones.[4][5] After having seen them performing live, Lookout! Records founder Larry Livermore called them "one of the best bands in the world". [6] In December 2013 the band released their third album, About Bloody Time, on It's Alive Records (USA), Monster Zero Records (Europe) and East Beat Records (former Soviet Union).

Band members[edit]

Will DeNiro - vocals
Sebby Zatopek - guitar
Pete Sematary - drums
Sammie the Giant - bass, vocals
Spider - guitar, vocals


Studio albums[edit]


  • The International Language of Love (split with The Apers, The 20belows, Twentyearsold) (2003) (Whoa Oh Records)
  • The 20belows / Zatopeks split (2004) (All-Nite Records)
  • Smile Or Move (2006) (It's Alive Records)
  • Handclaps & Bottlecaps (acoustic split with The Copyrights) (2006) (It's Alive Records)
  • Accelerators / Zatopeks split (2008) (Squinty Joe Records)


  • The European Poppunk Virus Vol 2 (2003) (Stardumb Records) (Song: Devil In A '55)
  • AMP Presents Vol 4 - Pop Punk (2005) (Song: Devil In A '55)
  • Punktastic Un-Scene 2 (2005) ( (Song: We Wanna Cruise Around With You)


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