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Zattoo logo.png
Developer(s) University of Michigan and Zattoo Inc.
Operating system cross-platform
Type Internet Television
License Proprietary

Zattoo offers a TV streaming service, with offices located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and in Zurich, Switzerland. Live TV and on demand content from Zattoo can be watched on computers, smartphones (iPhone, Android, WP7), and tablets (iPad, Android, Windows 8, Windows 10). Zattoo also offers TV applications for Internet-connected TVs (LG, Samsung, VideoWeb TV box), Xbox, Xbox One, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, and supports streaming via Apple Air Play and Chromecast.[1]


Zattoo was created to stream the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany.[2] On 20 April 2007, Zattoo launched in Denmark with ten channels and started piloting in the United Kingdom.[3] On 4 October 2007, Zattoo reached one million registered users in Europe.[4][5]

Zattoo has been available in Spain since 10 June 2007.[6][7] On 5 August 2008, Zattoo asked its Spanish users for a €2.40 charge by SMS in order to continue with the service during August and September.[8] In March 2009, Zattoo removed its services from Belgium in an attempt to keep its costs down.[9] Despite this removal of services from Belgium, Zattoo would return if it found a suitable marketing partner.[10] Zattoo is now available in Germany, Spain, Denmark and Switzerland.

In May 2009, lawyers for Universal and Warner Bros. instigated legal proceedings against Zattoo claiming that the Swiss website - which rebroadcasts a number of television stations live online - is adding advertising to films that are shown on German TV via its online service.[11]

On 23 April 2010, Zattoo dropped all the BBC channels from their UK channel list, after ongoing pressure from the BBC to remove them.[12] On 15 June 2010, Zattoo dropped ITV1, Channel 4 and Five from their UK channel list, leaving none of the main UK channels; however, ITV's Northern Ireland (UTV) franchise remain.[13]

Since June 2015 can you watch Zattoo in Germany with the recall TV function. That’s enabling viewers to watch selected programmes of free-to-air channels DMAX, TLC, joiz, Family TV and blizz up to seven days after their TV broadcast in full length. [14]

September 2015: Swiss media company Tamedia has purchased a 31% stake in Zattoo International. Tamedia’s 39.4% participation in Zattoo Switzerland will be incorporated into the new shareholding. With its stake in Zattoo International, Tamedia wants to support the international expansion of the business. The company will also get a seat in Zattoo’s board of directors.[15]

July 2016: The UEFA Euro 2016 provided Zattoo with a new user record: A total of 1.8 million viewers watched the games on the OTT platform, more than 800,000 of them in Germany. A quarter of the TV consumption during the Euro 2016 through Zattoo took place using TV sets connected to the internet, further narrowing the gap to smartphone/tablet usage (35%) and web usage (40%). The figures show that TV streaming also establishes itself as an alternative next to traditional reception methods for the TV set in the living room. [16]

Since November 2016 has the Internet TV platform Zattoo made more than 100 movies and documentaries available on its video-on-demand (VOD) service in Germany through a partnership with Netzkino and Daredo. Through the integration of ad-supported, free-of-charge online video library Netzkino, Zattoo users gain access to international dramas, thrillers, comedies and family movies. The line-up includes, for example, Hostage with Bruce Willis, The Cleaner with Samuel L. Jackson and Eva Mendes, classics such as Jane Eyre and independent cinema like Dogtooth. [17]

In March 2016, Zattoo marked a total of 17 million registered users. Zattoo using actively 2 million people per month. [18]



Zattoo services are available from a web browser or dedicated applications. The web product functions with any browser that supports Flash. Smartphone applications are available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. A Windows 8 application can be downloaded from the Windows Store. Applications also exist for set-top boxes, video game consoles and connected TVs. Some applications are restricted to specific countries.


The service is currently restricted to Switzerland, Denmark, Spain, Germany, Norway (closed again in 2008), United Kingdom and France, but was in 2007 expected to expand to other European countries, (with Austria and Poland being at the top of that list)[19] then to Canada and the US while adding fee-based channels to its list. It is also designed to only allow specific audiences to watch specific channels, thanks to geolocation of the IP address assigned to the user's computer (hence the restriction to a few countries for the time being).

On 19 December 2009, the Audiovisual Media Services Directive[20] regarding watching TV online from other EU countries came into force. This does not affect Zattoo or other P2PTV providers at all, since the directive only changes the jurisdiction where a country does not allow the reception of a foreign TV channel due to different laws. But the reason why P2PTV channels are not available all over the EU is not that the country of the viewer would not allow it, but that the TV channel itself cannot allow it due to licensing restrictions of the TV programs.


Zattoo provides solutions and services alongside the entire TV & VOD distribution chain. From pure headend or backend services to a fully hosted and managed end-to-end White Label TV Service. [21]Companies already using the IPTV product, e.g. EWE TEL and [22]


For its advertising-financed selection, Zattoo offers advertisers and agencies various forms of advertising, such as video ads (pre-, mid-, and post-rolls), as well as a wide range of extensive display formats to assign (e.g. medium rectangle, interstitial, skyscraper, lead and billboard). Optimal approaches for each chosen target group is enabled by different targeting options according to, for example, stations, timelines or formats; content topics, such as sports, news or kids; demographic criteria, such as age and gender, as well as all common online and mobile targeting criteria. [23]

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