Zavala, Ravno

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Zavala is located in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Coordinates: 42°51′N 17°59′E / 42.850°N 17.983°E / 42.850; 17.983
Country  Bosnia and Herzegovina
Entity Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Canton Herzegovina-Neretva
Municipality Ravno
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 • Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)

Zavala (Serbian Cyrillic: Завала) is a village in the Ravno municipality, in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


The village lies in the south-western part of Popovo polje, Herzegovina, some 400 metres from the Vjetrenica cave.

Zavala includes the hamlet of Mareva Ljut.


Zavala was part of the medieval župa (county) of Popovo, mentioned in a charter issued by Grand Prince Miroslav of Hum to the Church of St. Peter by the Lim river at the end of 12th century. The village of Zavala was mentioned in a 1372 document. In the 14th century, Popovo was governed by the Nikolić noble family, and then the Sanković noble family. Throughout the 15th century, until the region fell to the Ottoman Empire, the Kosača family held possession of Popovo. The Klisura fort was built by the Kosača on the hills above Zavala in the early 15th century.

In the period of 1961-1991, Zavala was the seat of the Zavala municipality.



The families of Zavala before the Yugoslav wars were the Vukanović, Korać, Čalank, Andrić, Jović, Srba, Šešelj,[1] Tupajić, Turanjanin, Nedić, Vulić. These have mostly left for Trebinje.


In the 1991 census, the village itself had 105 inhabitants, of whom 89 were ethnic Serbs, 12 Croats, and 4 Yugoslavs.


Coordinates: 42°51′N 17°59′E / 42.850°N 17.983°E / 42.850; 17.983