Zavala Monastery

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The Zavala monastery is a Serbian Orthodox monastery located in the village of Zavala in the eastern part of Popovo Polje, in Herzegovina, about 50 km west of the city of Trebinje. It is dedicated to the Presentation of Mary. The northern part of the monastery's church is situated in a cave. Along with Žitomislić and Tvrdoš, Zavala is one of the most important monasteries in East Herzegovina.

The first written record of the monastery dates from the early sixteenth century. During the Second World War, the monastery suffered great damage, and in the Bosnian War it was further damaged and abandoned. After the war the monastery was rebuilt again. This monastery is where Basil of Ostrog entered into monasticism.


Coordinates: 42°51′00″N 17°58′48″E / 42.850°N 17.980°E / 42.850; 17.980