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Zawadzki [zaˈvat͡ski] (feminine: Zawadzka, plural: Zawadzcy) is a Polish, Czech, Slovak, Ukrainian or German surname, originating in Silesia or the Sudetenland. Variant spellings include Zawadski, Zavadsky, Zavadski, Zawada, Zavada, Zawadowsky, Zawadowski, Sawadsky, Sawadski, Sawatsky, Sawatzky, Sowada, Zawatzki, and numerous others. It may refer to:

Zawadzki or Zawadzka[edit]

Zavada or Zawada[edit]


Sawatzky or Sawatsky[edit]

Remarks: This version of the name is very prevalent among the German-speaking Mennonites who emigrated from Ukraine to Canada and the United States. Many hundreds or thousands of families with these spellings exist, thus it is likely the most numerous of the many versions listed in this article. Family history suggests it derives from a Pole who converted to Mennonitism and joined the Mennonites in the Vistula delta region. It is not connected to other similar-sounding German names like the Sudeten-German name Watzke or Watzky, with which it is sometimes confused.

Other variants[edit]

Fictional character in a motion picture[edit]

In the 1990 American motion picture "Working Trash", George Carlin played the role of the protagonist, a janitor named Ralph Sawatzky.

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