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Zayn is an alternative spelling of the Semitic letter Zayin and is also an alternative way of writing the Semitic name Zane and the Arabic name and family name Zein or Zain.

Zayn may refer to:

First name
  • Zayn al-‘Ābidīn, also known as ‘Alī ibn Ḥusayn, a great-grandson of Muhammad
  • Zayn Malik, also known as Zayn, a British recording artist and former member of One Direction
  • Zayn Abu Zubaydah, a Saudi Arabian citizen held in U.S. custody in Guantanamo Bay
  • Zayn-e-Attar (also known as Ali ibn Husayn Ansari Shirazi and as Haji Zayn Attar, a 14th-century Persian physician
Last name
  • Sami Zayn, the ring name of Canadian professional wrestler Rami Sebei

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