Zayn al-Din al-Juba'i al'Amili

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Zayn al-Din al-Juba'i al'Amili (1506-1558) was a Shia scholar. He was born in 911 AH. in Jabal Amel.


Thani studied under both Sunni and Shi'a scholars in Jabal 'Amel, Damascus, Cairo, Jerusalem.

In Rajab of 965 A.H. (1558), he was beheaded on his way to see the sultan and a shrine was built by some Turkmens on the site.


His Magnum opus is the first commentary of The Damascene Glitter by Shahid Awwal called The Beautiful Garden in Interpreting the Damscene Glitter (Arabic: ar-Rawda-l-Bahiyah fi Sharh allam'a-d-Dimashqiya الروضة البهيّة في شرح اللمعة الدمشقيّة ).

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