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Zaynab (also spelled Zainab, Zeinab, Zinab, and in other ways; Arabic: زينب‎‎, [ˈzeːnæb, ˈziːnæb, ˈzajnab]) is a female given name meaning "a father's precious jewel", or "the adornment/beauty of the father". It is derived from the Arabic root words "zeenah" Arabic: زينة‎‎ (meaning adornment, beauty) and "ab" Arabic: الآب‎‎ (meaning father). It can also mean "fragrant flower". It is also closely connected to the Hebrew name 'Zenyeb' (Zeyn-abi/Zeyn-aba) which means 'Pride of [her] father'.

Zaynab is the name of the daughter and the granddaughter of the Islamic prophet Mohammad. It is believed to be a modification of the name of a pre-Islam Syrian queen that is rendered in Greek as Zenobia.[1]

Bosnian forms of the name are "Zeineb", "Zejneb" and "Zejneba".
Turkish form of the name is Zeynep.



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