Zaynab al-Awadiya

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Zaynab al-Awadiya[1] (Arabic: زينب الأوَدية‎, Zaynab al-Awadiyyah, sometimes spelled as al-Awadiyyah or al-Awdiyah) Also known as Zaynab of Banu Awd (Arabic: زينب طبيبة بني أود‎) was a 7th-century Arab physician and expert oculist.[2] She was a member of the Arab tribe of Banu Awd. As a proficient medical practitioner, she was widely renowned among the Arabs due to her expertise in treating sore eyes and wounds.[3] Zaynab has been mentioned in different medieval Arabic books. In particular, the Kitab al-Aghani (The Book of Songs) a major work of the 10th-century historian Abu al-Faraj al-Isfahani. And later in the encyclopedic work of the 13th-century physician Ibn Abi Usaibia, known as Uyūn ul-Anbāʾ fī Ṭabaqāt al-Aṭibbā (Biographical Encyclopedia of Physicians)


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