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Zaz (computer game).png
Developer(s) Remigiusz Dybka, Kinga Dybka
Composer(s) Leonard Ritter
Platform(s) Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, Amiga[1]
Release 2010-09-03[2]
Genre(s) Puzzle game
Mode(s) Single player

Zaz (a backronym for "Zaz ain't Z") is a free software (GPLv3[1]) arcade action puzzle computer game, similar to Zuma.


The goal is to remove all incoming marbles by rearranging their order and making triplets or quartets of the same color. It currently includes 18[3] different levels. In each of the levels there are some special items, for example explode more than just the normal three balls.

Unlike Zuma, where the player shoots new balls from a center point, in Zaz the player move a grabber on a separate track on the playfield to grab a ball that can then be shot back at a new location.[4][5] Instead of inserting randomly assigned new balls, the player moves existing balls.[6]


The game is available in many Linux distributions, for instance the Debian repositories as it fulfills the DFSG. Between 2010 and 2016 Zat was downloaded from Sourceforge directly 100,000 times.[7] The game was positively reviewed by and Computer Bild.[3][5]

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