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Live in Brussels on 9 June 2007
Background information
Birth name Isabelle de Truchis de Varennes
Born (1964-04-18) 18 April 1964 (age 52)
Boulogne-Billancourt, France
Origin France
Genres Pop rock
Years active 1992–present
Labels Universal Music, Wrasse Records (UK)

Zazie (born Isabelle Marie Anne de Truchis de Varennes, 18 April 1964) is a French singer, songwriter, and former fashion model. Zazie co-produces all her albums. She is noted for her playful use of language.


Early life[edit]

Isabelle de Truchis de Varennes was born in Boulogne-Billancourt, France. She was nicknamed "Zazie" in reference to the title character of the Raymond Queneau novel, Zazie dans le métro. Her mother was a music teacher and her father, Hervé de Truchis de Varennes, was an architect. At home, they listened to Georges Brassens, Jacques Brel and Barbara, as well as classical music. Inspired, Zazie began learning to play the violin at the age of ten, later teaching herself to play the piano and guitar. After high school, Zazie began studies to become a physiotherapist; however, her classic beauty and nearly six-foot stature caught the attention of modelling agents, and she abandoned her schooling to become a fashion model.

1992: Initial Forays into Music and Je, Tu, Ils[edit]

In 1990, Zazie began her musical career. She signed a contract with Phonogram in 1991. In 1992, she released Je, tu, ils, her first album recorded in the studios of Peter Gabriel. She collaborated for the first time with Pascal Obispo on the song "Un, deux, trois, soleil". She wrote almost all the tracks of the album and participated in the composition. The album had minor success, and the single "Sucré salé" was ranked No. 46 on the Top 50 (French SNEP Singles Chart). The following year, Zazie was awarded 'Best New Female Pop Artist of the Year' (révélation variétés féminine de l'année) at the Victoires de la musique. The other two singles from the albums were much less successful, but the singer's career was launched. Her record label agreed to sign for a second album.

From Je, tu, ils Zazie distinguished herself as a songwriter by crafting songs notable for their wit, alliteration, homophonies and double entendres.

From 1995: Success[edit]

In 1995, she released her second album Zen, which was co-written by and co-produced with Vincent-Marie Bouvot. The album produced the singles "Zen" and "Homme sweet homme". Her 1996 single "Un point c'est toi" from the same album was discussed on Canada's MuchMusic TV program Too Much 4 Much due to its controversial content. Ultimately, the discussion panel deemed the video okay for audiences. In the video, a group of four smitten women, including Zazie, follow a pair of men down to a lake. There, the two men strip off their clothes and swim in the water. Zazie fantasizes about undressing one of the men and kissing him. However, her fantasies are spoiled as the two men kiss each other.

In 1997, Pascal Obispo and Zazie released the single "Les meilleurs ennemis".

Her 1998 album Made in Love was co-produced by Ali Staton, Pierre Jaconelli, and herself. The album photos were taken by fashion designer Jean-Baptiste Mondino. The songs "Ça fait mal et ça fait rien", "Tous des anges", and "Tout le monde" were released as singles. This album was followed by a live album, Made in Live, the next year. In 1999 she also wrote a song for Jane Birkin.

In 2001, Zazie teamed up with Axel Bauer on the single "À ma place". It was her most successful single in France, reaching number four on the French charts.

Zazie once again addressed homosexuality on her 2002 single "Adam et Yves" from her 2001 album La Zizanie. This album was produced solely by Pierre Jaconelli. Other singles included "Rue de la paix" and "Danse avec les loops". In 2003, she released another live album, Ze Live.

Her 2004 album Rodéo was co-produced with Jean-Pierre Pilot and Philippe Paradis. The video for the single "Excuse-moi" features Zazie playing the role of an Indian woman who leaves her cheating husband. She followed this album up with a live album, Rodéo Tour in 2006.

Her sixth album, Totem, was released in February 2007. Like her previous album, it was co-produced with Jean-Pierre Pilot and Philippe Paradis. The "Totem Tour" began on 1 July.

Also in 2007, she wrote several songs for Christophe Willem's album, Inventaire.

In June 2010, Zazie released a new single "Avant l'amour" (Before Love). Avant l'amour was the first single from the album "Za7ie"; it reached No. 54 on the French SNEP radio airplay chart.

"Za7ie" was constructed as a concept project of 49 songs, split into seven theme albums of seven songs each. A shorter version with 14 songs was released in September 2010, with the 49 song project released as a box set in November of the same year.

Zazie announced eighth album, "Cyclo", which is scheduled for release in spring 2013. The album was produced by Olivier Coursier of AaRON and mixed by Tony Hoffer.

Other activities[edit]

Zazie co-composed the music of the 1997 film Ma vie en rose.

Zazie made her acting debut in the 1998 film by Didier Le Pêcheur "J'aimerais pas crever un dimanche" (Don't Let Me Die on a Sunday).,[1][2]

In 2007, Zazie wrote and co-composed seven of the fifteen tracks of Christophe Willem's first album, Inventaire, while also providing backing vocals in the tracks she wrote.

In 2009, she participated in Rendez-vous en terre inconnue.

Zazie started coaching on the French version of The Voice in 2015 and one of her team, Lilian Renaud, won that 4th season.[3] She again coached in 2016 and 2017.[4]


Studio albums[edit]

Year Album FR

1992 Je, Tu, Ils 173
1995 Zen 8 15 France: Gold (300,000+)
1998 Made in Love 3 17 France: Gold (345,000)
2001 La Zizanie 1 1 28 France: Platinum (447,600)
2004 Rodéo 2 2 45 France: Platinum (315,600)
2007 Totem 1 1 10 France: Platinum (327,400)
2010 Za7ie 1 1 28 France: Platinum (120,000)
2013 Cyclo 3 70 3 22 France: Gold [10]
2015 Encore Heureux 4[11] 196 2 12 France: Gold [10]

Live albums[edit]

Year Album FR BE SWI
1999 Made in Live 30 39 France: Silver (75,000)
2003 Ze Live!! 3 6 47 France: Gold (120,000)
2006 Rodéo Tour 12 7 79 France: 26,000

Best of[edit]

Year Album FR BE SWI
2008 Zest of 11 1 39 France: 152,650+
2015 Les 50 plus belles chansons 18[12]
2016 L'intégraRe 139[13]

1 Reached No. 1 on the French compilations chart.


Year Single FR BE
1992 "Sucré, salé" 46 - - Je, Tu, Ils
"Je, tu, ils"A - - -
"Un petit peu amoureux"A - - -
1995 "Larsen" 38 - - Zen
"Zen" 23 - -
1996 "Un point c'est toi" 24 - -
"Homme sweet homme" - - -
1997 "Les meilleurs ennemis"
(with Pascal Obispo)
39 20 - Superflu (Obispo album)
1998 "Tous des anges" 87 - - Made in Love
"Ça fait mal et ca fait rien" 75 - -
"Tout le monde" 23 34 -
"Made in Love"A - - -
"Chanson d'ami"A - - -
1999 "Cyber"A - - - Made in Live
2001 "À ma place"
(with Axel Bauer)
4 1 - Personne n'est parfait (Bauer album)
"Rue de la paix" 11 11 - La Zizanie
2002 "Adam et Yves" 22 - 2
"Sur toi"A - - -
2003 "Danse avec les loops" 53 - 7
2004 "Rodéo"A - - - Rodéo
"Toc, Toc, Toc"A - - -
"Excuse-moi"A - - -
"Oui"A - - -
2007 "Des rails" - 25 - Totem
"Je suis un homme" 7 7 -
"J'étais là"A - - 23
2008 "Flower power" - - -
"FM Air" 8 19 - Zest of Zazie
2010 "Avant l'amour" - 8 - Za7ie
"Etre et avoir" - - -
2011 "Chanson d'amour" - - -
"Me taire te plaire"
(with Mademoiselle K)
- - - Jouer dehors
2013 "Les contraires" 34 - - Cyclo
"20 ans" - - 48
"Temps plus vieux" - - -
2015 "Discold" 42 30 - Encore Heureux
"Pise" 87 - -

A Promotional release only.

Other charted songs[edit]

Year Song FR BE
2015 "Adieu tristesse" 102[14] - - Encore Heureux
"Encore heureux" 122 - -


  • Victoires de la musique :
    • Musical show, tour or concert of the year (2006)
    • Female group of artists of the year (2002)
    • Female artist of the year (1998)
    • Music video of the year: Larsen, directed by Philippe Andre; (1996)
    • Popular music Female révélation of the year (1993)
  • NRJ Music Awards :
    • Best French language song (2002) with Axel Bauer for À ma place

Altogether she has six awards.

Personal life[edit]

Zazie and her former partner, Fabien Cahen, have a daughter, Lola, who was born on 16 August 2002.


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