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Pronunciation Polish pronunciation: [ˈzbiɡɲɛf]
Gender Male
Word/name Polish
Meaning To dispel anger
Region of origin Poland
Other names
Related names Zbyhněv, Zbyněk

Zbigniew (Polish pronunciation: [ˈzbiɡɲɛf]) is a Polish masculine given name, originally Zbygniew [ˈzbɨɡɲɛf]. This Slavic name is derived from the Polish elements Zby- (from zbyć, zbyć się, or pozbyć się, meaning "to dispel", "to get rid of") and gniew, meaning "anger".[1] Its diminutive forms include Zbyszek and Zbyś.

The Czech form of this name is Zbyněk (derived from Zbyhněv and pronounced similarly to the Polish).

Individuals with this name may celebrate their name day on February 17, March 17, April 1, June 16 or October 10.

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