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Zbigniew Ćwiąkalski [ˈzbʲiɡɲɛf t͡ɕfʲɔŋˈkalskʲi] (born March 9, 1950 in Łańcut) is a Polish politician, former Minister of Justice and Public Prosecutor General of Poland. He is a qualified lawyer and adwokat, associate professor of law at the Jagiellonian University (Chair of Penal Law, Faculty of Law and Administration)

From 1972 to 1981 he was a member of Polish United Workers' Party on Jagiellonian University. In 1981 he joined the Polish opposition (Solidarity trade union). In 1985 he was indicated as candidate for secret collaborator of communist Służba Bezpieczeństwa,[1] but he never collaborated (no evidences).

In 2007-2009 he was a Minister of Justice in the government of Donald Tusk.