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Jastrzębiec coat of arms
Marcin Zborowski
Andrzej Zborowski

Zborowski family (feminine form: Zborowska, plural: Zborowscy) of the Jastrzębiec coat of arms was a Polish noble family from Greater Poland, It played a significant role in Polish politics in the 16th century.

First known member of the family was Marcin Zborowski (1492-1565), castellan and voivode. The main line died out with his grandson, Aleksander Zborowski, in 1621.

In family's history, the most notable events revolve around their feud with Chancellor and Hetman Jan Zamoyski. Zamoyski's execution of Samuel Zborowski in 1584 caused much uproar in the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth and intensified the feud. It culminated in the military conflict of the War of the Polish Succession (1587–1588), which ended with Zamoyski's victory and Zborowski's loss.

Coat of Arms[edit]

The House of Zborowski used the Jastrzębiec coat of arms.

Notable members[edit]



  • Józef Ignacy Zborowski (born on the 17th century), married Juliana Fredro h. Bończa
    • Count Maksymilian Zborowski ze Zborowa (born c. 1730), owner of Wielopole, married Petroneta Jonata Bzowska h. Ostoja
      • Count Seweryn Maksymilian Zborowski ze Zborowa (1779–1846), owner of Dębowiec estates, married Franciszka Miroszewska h. Ślepowron
        • Count Prosper Maksymilian Zborowski ze Zborowa (1807–1872), owner of Dębowiec estates, married Emilia Wodzicka h. Wodzicki and Barbara Bobrowska h. Jastrzębiec
          • Count Jan Zborowski (1862–1914), owner of Zgłobice estates, married Helena Męcinska h. Poraj
            • Count Aleksander Zborowski (1901–1979), was owner of Partyń estates, married Maria Ziemińska and Zofia Tur Przedmirska h. Łuk