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ZE, Z.E., or Ze can refer to:

People (surname)
  • Tom Zé (born 1936), a Brazilian musician
  • Ze Rong (died 195), a general and active occultist serving under the warlord Tao Qian
People (first name)
  • Zhang Ze, a Chinese male tennis player
  • Ze Frank (born 1972), a performance artist
  • Zé, a Portuguese form of the name José
    • Zé Ramalho (born 1949), a Brazilian composer and performer
    • Zé Roberto (born 1974), a Brazilian football player for Hamburger SV in Germany
    • Zé Kalanga (born 1983) an Angolan football player
    • Zé Elias (born 1976), a Brazilian football player
    • Zé Castro (born 1983), a Portuguese football player
    • Zé Sérgio (born 1957), a football player
    • Zé Arigó (1921-1971), a Brazilian psychic surgeon
Fictional people
  • Zé Povinho, a Portuguese everyman
  • Zé Pilintra, a folkloric and spiritual character from the Afro-Brazilian and regional religions