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Zealandia may refer to:

Historic places
  • Zealandia (estate), an mansion in Asheville, North Carolina, USA built by Philip Henry and named in the National Register of Historic Places
Natural features
  • Zealandia (continent), a nearly submerged continent or microcontinent that sank after breaking away from Australia between 60 and 85 million years ago
  • Zealandia Bank, a submarine volcano in the Marianas archipelago
  • British predreadnought battleship HMS New Zealand, which served in the Royal Navy from 1905 to 1921 and was renamed HMS Zealandia in 1911
  • SS Zealandia, a historically significant Australian cargo and passenger ship that served as a troopship in both World War I and World War II
  • ST Zealandia, a British tugboat
Wildlife sanctuary

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