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Zebrnjak, Kumanovo.jpg
Zebrnjak mausoleum remains
Zebrnjak is located in Republic of Macedonia
Location of Zebrnjak in Macedonia
Coordinates 42°08′57″N 21°47′07″E / 42.1491°N 21.7853°E / 42.1491; 21.7853Coordinates: 42°08′57″N 21°47′07″E / 42.1491°N 21.7853°E / 42.1491; 21.7853
Location Mlado Nagoričane, Kumanovo,
Republic of Macedonia
Designer Momir Korunović
Type Victory column Mausoleum
Material Stone
Height 48.5 meters (159 ft)
(now 18.5 metres (61 ft))
Completion date 1937
Dedicated to 723 Serbian soldiers who died in Battle of Kumanovo

The Zebrnjak monument (Serbian: Спомен-костурница на брду Зебрњаку) is located on a high location in the village of Mlado Nagoričane, 8.98 km away from Kumanovo, Republic of Macedonia.[1]


Monument Zebrnjak revelation, 1937

It was built in 1937, for the 25th anniversary of the Battle of Kumanovo which took place on 23 and 24 October 1912 during the First Balkan War, between the Turkish Vardar Army and the First Serbian Army. In the battle the Turkish army was defeated and was forced to withdraw.[2]

Today from the monument all that is left is the lower part, thorus with the bones from the casualties of the battle. What is missing is the three sided pyramid tower with which the monument would be 48.5 meters high.

By his monument architecture, Zebrnjak was one of a kind in the Balkans. It was made by granite cubes, according to the project designed by Momir Korunović and the frescoes in the interior were painted by Živorad Nastasijević, on them were represented pictures from everyday life with figures wearing Serbian folklore clothing.


On 24 May 1942, monument was destroyed by the Bulgarian army in the Second World War.[2] Complete monument reconstruction was announced to be completed in centennial of the Battle of Kumanovo, in 2012.[3][4]

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