Zeca Baleiro

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Zeca Baleiro
Birth name Jose Ribamar
Born 11 April 1966 (1966-04-11) (age 51)
Origin Maranhão, Brazil
Genres MPB, samba
Occupation(s) Musician
Instruments Singing, acoustic guitar

Zeca Baleiro (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈzɛkɐ baˈlejru], born 11 April 1966) is a Brazilian MPB artist.[1] One of his most famous songs is "Salão de Beleza", which was featured on Putumayo World Music's Reggae Around the World compilation. Along with being a solo artist, he has also worked with guitarist Pedro Joia.

Hailing from the state of Maranhão, in northeastern Brazil, Zeca - short for José (his name is Jose Ribamar) - grew up with music. He then went to a university to study Agronomy and was given the nickname "Baleiro" ("candyman"), because of his love for candy.

His first two records, Por Onde Andará Stephen Fry and Vô Imbolá, won gold status. The title track on Por Onde Andará Stephen Fry? (Where could Stephen Fry be?) was a reference to British actor Stephen Fry's flight from the stage play "Cellmates" in 1995, when he disappeared from the United Kingdom after bad reviews. Zeca won the 2000 Latin Grammys for "best pop album". In 2014, his live album Calma Aí, Coração - Ao Vivo was nominated for the same award, but in the Best Música Popular Brasileira Album category, with the title song being nominated for the Best Brazilian Song category.[2] He currently resides in São Paulo.


  • Por Onde Andará Stephen Fry? (1997)
  • Vô Imbolá (1999)
  • Líricas (2000)
  • Pet Shop Mundo Cão (2002)
  • Raimundo Fagner e Zeca Baleiro (with Raimundo Fagner, 2003)
  • Daqui prá lá, de lá prá cá, (2003)
  • Perfil, 2003)
  • Baladas do Asfalto e Outros Blues (2005)
  • Baladas do Asfalto e Outros Blues - Ao Vivo (2006)
  • Lado Z (2007)
  • O Coração do Homem Bomba Vol. 1 (2008)
  • O Coração do Homem Bomba Vol. 2 (2008)
  • O Disco do Ano (2012)
  • Ao vivo - Calma aì, coraçao (2014)


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