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Zed Books
Founded 1976 [1]
Country of origin United Kingdom
Headquarters location Cynthia Street, King's Cross, London
Publication types Books
Nonfiction topics Politics, economics, gender studies, development studies, environment
Official website www.zedbooks.co.uk

Zed Books is an independent academic publishing company based in London.

Founded in 1976 under the name Zed Press by Roger van Zwanenberg (who in 1987 went on to become managing director of Pluto Press),[1] Zed publishes academic books covering areas such as politics, economics, gender studies, development studies, and the environment.[2]

Zed today[edit]

Zed Books is managed as a co-operative by its worker-directors, without any shareholders.[2] It publishes around 60 books per year, providing many to the academic market and to university courses.[3]


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