Tzedek ve-Shalom

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Former synagogue
Interior in Israel Museum in Jerusalem

Tzedek ve-Shalom also written as Zedek ve Shalom, (Peace and Justice) is a historic synagogue in Paramaribo, Suriname.[1] It was built for a Sephardic congregation in 1736.[2] The synagogue stopped being used in 1999 when the area's remaining Jewish residents combined congregations at Neveh Shalom Synagogue. It is being used as a computer repair store. Its furnishings are in the collection of the Israel Museum.

The building is sited in a large courtyard, built of wood in a Neoclassical architecture style with arched windows and bench seating, and painted white. It has a wide "basillica-like" hall with a tevah (reader's platform) opposite the heikhal (Torah ark). Decoration included brass chandeliers from the Netherlands. It has a sandy floor.[2]

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