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Zedge Logo.jpg
Initial release2003
Operating systemAndroid, iOS, Windows Phone[1]
Available inEnglish
TypeContent Discovery Platform

Zedge is a mobile content discovery platform and community where users can download content to customize their smartphones and other mobile devices. The app includes wallpapers, ringtones, alert tones, app icon customization, which is currently in its beta form, and which is only available for Android phones, and games on the Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms. Zedge has more than 170 million installs Android and iOS.[2] The app uses a recommendation engine that analyzes anonymized user data in order to create smart suggestions for wallpaper, ringtone, and game downloads.[3][4] IDT Corp. was majority investor in Zedge Holdings, the app's parent company, until mid-2016.[5]

ZEDGE was named as one of Time's Best 50 Android Apps of 2013.[6]


ZEDGE was founded by Tom Arnøy, Kenneth Sundnes, and Paul Shaw in Norway in 2003.[7] In June 2016, Zedge's parent company was spun off from IDT as a publicly traded company listed on the New York Stock Exchange.[8] As of 2018 it has offices in Trondheim, Helsinki, New York City and San Francisco.

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