Zee 24 Gantalu

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Zee 24 Gantalu
Zee24gantalu logo.jpg
Launched 2008
Owned by Zee News
Slogan "నిజం నిప్పు లాంటిది" (Truth is like Burning Charcoal) [1]
Country India
Language Telugu
Headquarters Hyderabad
Sister channel(s) Zee Telugu
Website http://www.zeetelugu.com/Zee24Gantalu/

Zee 24 Gantalu or ఙీ 24 గంటలు (literally meaning Zee 24 Hours) is a popular 24-hour Telugu news channel, owned by Zee News.

Launched on 27 March 2009, Zee 24 Gantalu is the leading Telugu news channel and also the first Telugu national news channel. Arguably the most objective, thought-provoking and engaging news channel in the market, it is respected for its credibility and is fast emerging as an opinion-maker.

The channel is the newest crown in the feather of Zee's cap, aimed at primarily delivering quality news, in quality format, within the shortest possible time for Telugu viewers. Along with news it also aims at delivering Business, Sports and Infotainment capsules. Leveraging on the experience of Zee News, channel packaging and professional content providers, the 24 Gantalu team provides the viewer an experience which is on par with national news channels.

The channel's baseline says 'Nijam Nippu Lantidi' meaning ‘Truth is like Burning Charcoal’ which needs to be handled with care. Zee 24 Gantalu is a serious news channel, designed be taken seriously by all its stakeholders. At Zee 24 Gantalu news is free from distortion, and will be handled sensitively in a journalistically matured way, without compromising the basic protocol of journalism. Content is being kept away from aspects that form sensation. In line with the basic credo of Zee News, Zee 24 Gantalu lays emphasis on objective and responsible approach to news reportage.

Apart from teams in place across the state of Andhra Pradesh covering every nook and corner, the channel has envious support across the country given the wide Zee network.

The peculiarity of the Telugu news channel market is that it is very local in approach and lacks any national perspective. Hence, the network is positioning Zee 24 Gantalu as a channel that is national in terms of both content and packaging.

Zee 24 Gantalu also shares technical and editorial networks with the other channels from the Zee news network such as Zee News, Zee Business, Zee Punjabi, Zee 24 Ghante Chhattisgarh, Zee News Uttar Pradesh, Zee 24 Taas and Zee 24 Ghanta. The channel promotes a strongly separtist agenda.

This is the network’s second channel in the Telugu market, the first being the entertainment channel, Zee Telugu.