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Eva Engel, better known as zeebee, born June 29, 1965 in Aalen, Germany, is an Austrian singer-songwriter, composer and music producer. She creates sounds and songs with a broad variety of styles, such as jazz, pop, electronica, acoustic music and classical music.

Life and career[edit]

zeebee has been recording herself since the age of five, touring with Birmingham's Pigbag aged seventeen, releasing records on the Swiss label Off Course with her band D-Sire in the late 80's. Then starting to work as a ghostwriter, copywriting and taking flying lessons, raising two families and recording her musical ideas in her own studio in Austria. In the year 1999 zeebee (= "cb", relates to cyberbabe) starts to work via internet with the most diverse songwriters from all over the world. Since the release of her debut "Chemistry" on the Independent label Angelika Köhlermann in January 2004 zeebee received impressive press and radio reviews all over the world. "Priorities" - the second album of zeebee, has been written in the years 2004 and 2005 and was released in February 2006 on Angelika Köhlermann/Monkey Music. In June 2007 the new album of Klaus Waldeck "Ballroom Stories" was released, on which zeebee has worked as a co-author and is featured as the new voice on the album.

zeebee is touring as a solo-artist with band and as singer of Klaus Waldeck's band. Her third solo-album "Be My Sailor" has been released on March 19, 2010 by Dope Noir, Vienna.



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