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Zeeshan (Zişan) ذیشان
Pronunciation Zee shaan
Gender Male
Word/name Turkish, Persian
Meaning Possessor of Splendor, Moon, Magnificent, Brilliant
Region of origin Asia / Pakistan / Turkey
Other names
Related names Zishan, Zeshan, Zişan, Zeşan

Zeeshan (Zişan) or Zeshan (Zeşan) is a Turkish or Persian masculine given name, derived from words "Zee" (possessor of) and "Shan" (high status) or (splendor), sometimes simply translated as "princely" or "Moon". This word is also used in Persian, Urdu and sometimes in Turkish poetry as an adjective.

This name is mostly used for males in, India, Pakistan, Iran, and other Asian countries of the region, though the name is neutral in gender and can also be used for females (mostly in Turkey) with meanings "Moon", "magnificent" and "brilliant".

Variant forms and similar names[edit]

The diminutive or nickname for Zeeshan is Shaan or "Shani".

Jishan is a Bangladeshi and Indian cognate for the same word and is written as such because of lack of the 'Z' sound natively in Sanskrit derived languages.

Notable people with this name[edit]