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According to the Book of Mormon, Zeezrom (/ziˈɛzrəm/)[1] was an ancient American lawyer (one who is expert in the Hebrew Law, or the Law of Moses) who sought to destroy the liberty of the Nephites via his legal practice. He was converted to the gospel by Alma the Younger and his missionary companion Amulek. (See Alma 8-15.)

Summary of his life[edit]

Zeezrom lived in the land of Ammonihah, whose inhabitants were wicked. Alma and Amulek tried to preach to the people of Ammonihah, but they were countered by Zeezrom. Zeezrom tried to convince the people that Alma and Amulek were the wicked ones, but he was confounded and eventually was convinced of his misdeeds and repented of his sins. He later left the practice of law and became missionary companions with Alma, Amulek, and others.


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