Zegrze Reservoir

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Zegrze Reservoir
Zegrze (15650107582).jpg
Location North of Warsaw
Coordinates 52°29′12″N 21°01′18″E / 52.48667°N 21.02167°E / 52.48667; 21.02167Coordinates: 52°29′12″N 21°01′18″E / 52.48667°N 21.02167°E / 52.48667; 21.02167
Type reservoir
Primary inflows Narew, Bug
Primary outflows Narew
Basin countries Poland
Surface area 33 km2 (13 sq mi)
Settlements Warsaw

The Zegrze Reservoir (or Zegrze Lake, in Polish officially Jezioro Zegrzyńskie, unofficially Zalew Zegrzyński) is a man-made reservoir in Poland, located just north of Warsaw, on the lower course of the Narew river. It is formed by a dam constructed in 1963 with a hydroelectric complex producing 20 Megawatts of energy. Its total area is about 33 km². The name originates from the nearby Zegrze village, featuring the historic Radziwiłł Palace (Pałac Zegrzyński) built in 1847 by the noble Krasiński family.[1][2]

Due to its location near the Polish capital and its natural environment, Zalew Zegrzyński is a popular place of recreation for the residents of Warsaw.[citation needed]

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