Zegyo Market

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Zegyo Market
Around Mandalay 08.jpg
Location 84th St between 24th and 26th Streets
Chanayethazan, Mandalay
Mandalay Division, Myanmar
Coordinates 21°58′57″N 96°04′38″E / 21.9826°N 96.0771°E / 21.9826; 96.0771Coordinates: 21°58′57″N 96°04′38″E / 21.9826°N 96.0771°E / 21.9826; 96.0771
Opening date 1860s

Zegyo Market (Burmese: ဈေးချို), located in downtown Mandalay, is the oldest and most important market in Mandalay.


Zegyo Market, covering 12 acres (4.86 hectares), was founded during the reign of King Mindon. It was a principal distribution center for beans, citrus fruit, cotton, nuts, onions, rice, tobacco and wheat as well as the main market for jewellery and handicrafts such as silver and gold embroidery.[1] The market was totally destroyed by fire in 1897,[2] and rebuilt in 1903 with a masonry structure designed by an Italian, Count Conte Calderari.[3] In the 1990s, the colonial era structure was pulled down and replaced with a Chinese-style shopping center.[3]


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