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The Zeitgalerie

Zeilgalerie is a shopping centre located at the Zeil in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. It was opened in September 1992 and is 41 metres tall with 10 floors, one of which is underground. There are approximately 70 stores in the building.


When it first opened in 1992, the Zeilgalerie only had 1 escalator which went in an upwards direction. A few years later, a downwards travelling escalator was installed.

An IMAX theatre was added on to the roof of the Zeilgalerie in the late 1990s. However, the cinema soon turned bankrupt and the space was converted into a cinema for premieres of films. However, this succumb to the same fate and the area remains as an empty cinema hall.

The building is owned by Rodamco Europe, a real estate company from The Netherlands.

In January 2007, the owners agreed to divest the shopping centre.[1]

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