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Zeka Laplaine (born 1960), sometimes credited as José Laplaine,[1] is a director and actor from Ilebo in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.[2][3] The child of a Portuguese father and Congolese mother,[4] he moved to Europe when he was 18.[5] His 1996 short film Le Clandestin was featured at the 2010 Amakula International Film Festival in Uganda.[6] He portrayed a cowboy alongside Danny Glover in Death in Timbuktu, a film within a film in the Council of Europe Film Award-winning film, Bamako.[7][8] Laplaine is a member of France's "Guilde Africaine des Realisateurs et Producteurs".[9]

Laplaine's first short film was Le Clandestin,[4] which he wrote, directed and acted in (playing a policeman in charge of a container dock in Lisbon).[4] A French production set in Portugal,[10] Le Clandestin examines African emigration and questions the dream of Europe as a "Northern Paradise" for immigrants.[4][11]


Year Film Plot
1996 Le Clandestin[3][12] A young African man jumps out of a container at Lisbon harbour. Attempting to meet his cousin in town, he is pursued by a policeman. He never meets cousin, and eventually decides to return to Africa.[4]
1996 Macadam Tribu[1][12] Set in Kinshasa, the film shows "unauthorised communities" forming within the official city, and the struggle of characters to survive. A community project—a theatrical production about popular rebellion—provides the backdrop to the fall of President Mobutu Sese Seko.[4][13]
2001 Paris: XY[1][12]
2003 Le Jardin de Papa[1][12] A French couple honeymoon in Dakar.[4]
2006 Kinshasa Palace[12][14]
2007 Le Lac Sacré[12]




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