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Zelle may refer to:

  • Anti-Imperialist Cell (German: Antiimperialistische Zelle), leftist militant group that carried out bombings in Germany in 1995
  • Bloße Zelle, highest elevation on the Hils in Germany
  • Jere language (also Zelle), Nigerian dialect cluster
  • Margaretha Zelle, better known as Mata Hari
  • Sebastian Zelle, member of the bands NEXX and Supernatural
  • The Glass Cell (film) (German: Die gläserne Zelle), 1978 West German crime film
  • Zelle (band), a Filipino alternative pop/rock band
  • Zelle (payment service), a person-to-person payment service in the United States
  • Zelle, village in the borough of Aue in the German federal state of Saxony
    • Zelle Abbey, former Augustinian monastery in the village

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