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This article is about the Greek deity. For other uses, see Zelos. For the insect, see Zelus (genus).

In Greek mythology, Zelus or Zelos /ˈzləs/ (Greek: Ζῆλος, Zēlos, literally "zeal") was the daimon son of Pallas and Styx.[1] Zelus and siblings Nike (Victory), Kratos (Strength) and Bia (Force) were winged[citation needed] enforcers who stood in attendance at Zeus' throne and formed part of his retinue.[2]

Zelus personifies dedication, emulation, eager rivalry, envy, jealousy, and zeal.[citation needed] The English word "zeal" is derived from his name.[citation needed]

Zelos may have also been identified with Agon, the personification of romantic jealousy, and was closely connected with Eris.[citation needed] His Roman name was Invidia, which, in Latin, meant "to look against in a hostile manor". Because of its relation to Zelus, his Roman form was sometimes associated with the Seven deadly sins.


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