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Zelva (Belarusian: Зэльва, Russian: Зельва, Polish: Zelwa, Lithuanian: Zelva, Želva, Yiddish: זעלווא‎) is a town in Grodno Region, Belarus, the administrative center of Zel’va district. It is situated by the Zel’vyanka River.


In 1921, 1344 inhabitants were Jews.[1] July 1941, Germans entered the town, killed 40 to 50 Jewish men and kept the Jews of the town imprisoned in a ghetto in very harsh conditions. On November 1942, the Jews were deported and murdered at the Treblinka extermination camp.[2]


Coordinates: 53°09′00″N 24°49′00″E / 53.15°N 24.8167°E / 53.15; 24.8167