Zemach Shabad

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Timofey Osipovich Shabad
Cemachas Šabadas.jpg
Born(1864-02-05)February 5, 1864
DiedJanuary 20, 1935(1935-01-20) (aged 70)
ResidenceRussian Empire
EducationImperial Moscow University

Zemach Shabad (Hebrew: צמח שאבאד‎, Polish: 'Cemach Szabad', Russian: Цемах Шабад, Tsemakh Shabad) (February 5, 1864, Vilnius, Russian Empire (now Lithuania) — January 20, 1935, Vilnius) was a Jewish doctor and social and political activist.[1] He was a member of the Senate (parliament) of the Second Polish Republic (1928) and a co-founder and vice-president of the YIVO (Institute for Jewish Research). In 1932 Shabad toured to Palestine with Dr. Abel Lapin from Kaunas. During his trip, Dr. Shabad hosted by the Health Committee of the Knesset and the Jerusalem Medical Association.

He was one of the originators of the volkist movement, which eventually turned into the Folkspartei (Jewish People's Party).[2]

In 2007, Zemach Shabad was honored with a monument in Vilnius, reflecting the fact[1] that he was the prototype of Doctor Aybolit, a good doctor from a poem for children by Korney Chukovsky.



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