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Zemial Ragnard Reborn 2018 2.jpg
Zemial at Ragnard Reborn festival in Kharkiv (2018)
Background information
Origin Athens, Greece
Genres Black metal
Years active 1989–present
Associated acts Agatus, Kawir

Zemial is a one-man music project formed in Greece in 1989 by multi-instrumentalist Dimitrios Dorian (a.k.a. Vorskaath).


Sleeping Under Tartarus (1989–94)[edit]

After a number of demos, Zemial's first official release Sleeping Under Tartarus was released via Torched Records in 1992 to great acclaim, placing them amongst the pioneering black metal bands of Hellas at the time. However, unlike other Greek bands at the time, Zemial’s sound was influenced by Bathory and Celtic Frost.

By 1993, the first themes for what became For the Glory of UR, Necrolatry and NYKTA had been written.

For the Glory of UR (1994–2006)[edit]

In 1994, Vorskaath moved to Australia.

Zemial’s debut album For the Glory of UR was recorded in 1995 and released in 1996 by Greek label Hypervorea (later Black Lotus).

In 1997 a rehearsal for what was planned to be the album NYKTA was recorded on a 4-track machine, with Vorskaath on drums and his brother Eskarth on guitar. With bass guitar and vocals overdubbed this was released as a demo for the album titled Necrolatry. The demo received an overwhelming response and was subsequently released on black and picture vinyl as well as compact disc on Iron pegasus Records.

Despite various recording sessions from this era, Zemial's output became limited as Vorskaath gave more time to his brother’s band Agatus and co-founded two new projects: Alpha Centauri and The Watcher. However, in 1998 Zemial recorded their mini -LP "Breath of The Pestilence" in Germany with famed Thrash metal producer Harris Johns tour and they toured Europe in 2001.

Around the turn of the millennium Vorskaath took a serious interest in drumming and composition studies and subsequently played in various genres, from progressive rock, to Jazz, Classical music and contemporary percussion music and became timpanist of the Elder Wind Orchestra between 2003 -2006.

The exposure to different compositional and performance considerations had a definite effect on Zemial both in terms of live presentation and composition as would be seen and heard later on.

In 2003, with the mini-album Face of the Conqueror, Vorskaath revisited the thrash era yet with all of the elements that characterize the sound of Zemial. The band toured Europe again in mid-2003.

In Monumentum (2006–11)[edit]

In June 2006, Vorskaath moved to Germany.

As a mark of respect to the memory of Thomas Forsberg (Quorthon) - the greatest inspiration of Zemial in the early years - Vorskaath wrote a cycle of compositions that were independently released on 1 May 2006 titled In Monumentum and a tour followed in June 2006.

The single I Am the Dark was released in 2009 in two editions: a European edition by Temple of Darkness Records (Spain) and a North American edition by Hells Headbanger (USA).

In June 2011 DUSK was released as a 7" EP as the precursor to the album NYKTA, with progressive rock now playing a significant part in the direction of Zemial. The recording of NYKTA begins in Germany.

Nykta (2011–present)[edit]

After almost 18 years, Vorskaath returned to Greece where he also re-established his "Studio 9"recording facilities.

On 31 October 2013, NYKTA - Zemial's most ambitious, experimental and technical work to that date was released to great acclaim and placed Zemial firmly in the Avant-garde ranks of Metal.

In 2014, Vorskaath announced plans for Zemial’s next album titled Lurking via the band’s official Facebook page.

On 30 September 2016, Vorskaath announced the release of "The Repairer of Reputations" EP, which marked Zemial's definite turn toward an older progressieve rock sound with classical music and jazz elements found in the style of composition.

Musical style and lyrical themes[edit]

Through the years, the music of Zemial has encompassed diverse styles ranging from old style black-thrash and epic heavy metal, to progressive rock, electronic soundscapes and avant-garde art music.

Lyric themes include Vorskaath‘s views on philosophy, religion and the metaphysical, ancient mythology and history, occultism, the observation of nature micro and macro coscmically, and the nature of dreams and dreaming.[1]


  • 1992: Sleeping Under Tartarus (EP; Torched Records, later re-released by Gothic Records)
  • 1996: For the Glory of UR (EP; Hypervorea, Sub-Terra Records)
  • 1997: Necrolatry (Demo)
  • 1999: For the Glory of UR (Re-release with Additional Tracks; Iron Pegasus Records)
  • 2003: Δαίμων (split EP with Kawir; Apocalyptor Records)
  • 2003: Face of the Conqueror (EP; Iron Pegasus Records, later re-released by ΝΥΞ with Necrolatry demo)
  • 2006: In Monumentum (ΝΥΞ)
  • 2009: I am the Dark (EP; ΝΥΞ)
  • 2011: Dusk (EP; Hells Headbangers Records)
  • 2013: Nykta (Hells Headbangers Records)
  • 2013: The Repairer of Reputations (EP; ΝΥΞ)


Vorskaath: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Synthesizers, Drums, Percussion, Lyrics, Production.


Brian Barrit: Vocals

Melanie Krötz: Vocals

AR: Bass

Aenceorg: guitar solo

Scorpios: Bass

Jarro Raphael: Backing Vocals

Eskarth (The Dark): Guitars, Bass, Backing Vocals

Magus Wampyr Daoloth(Morbid): Keyboards

Themis Tolis: Drums

Necromaniac/Therthonax: Bass


AR: Bass, Vocals (2014 – present)

Aenceorg: Guitars(2016 – present)

Chaosmos: Guitars, Vocals (2013 - 2015)

Eskarth (The Dark) - Guitars, Bass, Vocals (2001–2011)

Scorpios - Bass (2008–2011)

George Antipatis - Guitar (2011)

Ralf Strzalka – Guitar (2007)

Jarro Raphael – Bass (2003-2006)

Damon Good – Bass (2001)


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