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Zemmix logo 003.png
Manufacturer Daewoo Electronics
Type Video game console
Generation Third generation era
Retail availability
  • SK: 1985
Discontinued 1995
Media ROM cartridge
CPU 8-bit Zilog Z80

Zemmix,[1] trade mark and brand name of South Korean electronics company Daewoo Electronics Co., Ltd., is an MSX-based video game console brand. The brand name Zemmix is no longer in use.

Under the name Zemmix, Daewoo released a series of gaming consoles compatible with the MSX home computer standards. The consoles were in production between 1985 and 1995. The consoles were not sold outside South Korea.


Console Models[edit]

All consoles were designed to broadcast standard NTSC, have low and high outputs for connecting to a TV and have a universal adapter for connection to the mains 110/220 volts.

The consoles also had a letter coming after the serial number. These letters indicated the color combination of the console. The key is as follows.

  • W - white and silver colors
  • R - red and black colors
  • B - yellow, blue and black colors

For example, CPC 51W would be a white or silver Zemmix V (see below).

Consoles compatible with the MSX standard[edit]

  • CPC-50 (Zemmix)[2]
  • CPC-51 (Zemmix V)[2]

Consoles compatible with the MSX2 standard[edit]

  • CPC-61 (Zemmix Super V)[2]

Consoles compatible with the MSX2+ standard[edit]

  • CPG-120 (Zemmix Turbo)[2]


Other Zemmix products:

By Daewoo[edit]

  • CPJ-905 Joystick for CPC-51 console
  • CPJ-102K: joystick for CPC-330
  • CPJ-600: MSX joypad for Zemmix CPC-51 console
  • CPJ-905: MSX joystick in white (W), red (R) and black (B)
  • CPK-30: keyboard for Zemmix CPC-51
  • CPK-31K: input device for CPC-330

By Zemina[edit]

  • A Keyboard & Cartridge port divider [3]
  • The Zemina Music Box[4]
  • An MSX2 Upgrade Kit[3]
  • A Zemmix PC card[3]
  • MSX RAM expansion cards[5]
  • A 'Family Card' that allows the user to play Famicom games on the Zemmix[6]


Korean software companies that produced software for the Zemmix gaming console:

  • Aproman
  • Boram
  • Clover
  • Daou Infosys
  • FA Soft
  • Mirinae
  • Prosoft
  • Screen
  • Topia
  • Uttum
  • Zemina

Most Zemmix software work with other MSX/MSX2/MSX2+ computers too.


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