Zen 2

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AMD Zen 2
Produced 2019 (estimated)
Designed by AMD
Common manufacturer(s)
Min. feature size 7nm[1][2]
Predecessor Zen+
Successor Zen 3[3][2]
Product code name(s)
  • Rome (Server CPU)[2]

Zen 2 is the codename for a successor of AMD's Zen and Zen+ microarchitectures due to be fabricated on the 7nm node from TSMC with product sampling planned for late 2018, followed by a wide release early 2019.[4] Zen 2 is expected to bring an increase in instructions per clock over Zen, but not nearly as large as the jump from Excavator to Zen.[5] At the 2018 CES, AMD confirmed that Zen 2 design was complete; however, its release was not announced for 2018, leading analysts to predict a 2019 release date.[4] Zen 2 is planned to include hardware mitigations to the Spectre security vulnerability.[6]


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