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Zen in the Art of Writing

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Ray Bradbury, pictured in 2009, writer of Zen in the Art of Writing

Zen in the Art of Writing: Essays on Creativity is a collection of essays by Ray Bradbury and published in 1990.[1] The unifying theme is Bradbury's love for writing.

  • Essays included are:
    • The Joy of Writing (1973)[1]
    • Run Fast, Stand Still,[1] Or, The Thing At the Top of the Stairs, Or, New Ghosts From Old Minds (1986)
    • How To Keep and Feed a Muse (1961)[1]
    • Drunk, and in Charge of a Bicycle (1980)[1]
    • Investing Dimes: Fahrenheit 451 (1982)
    • Just This Side of Byzantium: Dandelion Wine (1974)
    • The Long Road to Mars (1990)
    • On The Shoulders of Giants (1980)
    • The Secret Mind (1965)
    • Shooting Haiku in a Barrell (1982)
    • Zen in the Art of Writing (1973)[1]
    • ...On Creativity (No Date Given)

This book attempts to give creative ideas and inspiration to writers.

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