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Zencoder is a cloud-based video encoding service launched in 2010. Zencoder offers video transcoding, ingest, and syndication via web service APIs.

Zencoder is backed by leading investors, including five of the top ten angel investors in the US according to Business Week.[1] Investors include Y Combinator, Chris Sacca, Dave McClure, Ron Conway, Founder’s Collective, Andreessen-Horowitz, and Ignition Partners.


In 2008, Zencoder partnered with On2 Technologies to create Flix Cloud, an online video encoding service.[2] Flix Cloud officially launched in April 2009. Google[3] acquired On2 in 2010, and Flix Cloud was shut down later that year. Zencoder launched as a new transcoding service in May 2010 after the company participated in the Y Combinator startup accelerator.

In 2011, CloudHarmony benchmarked the transcoding speeds of four cloud encoding platforms, including Zencoder.[4] In these benchmarks, Zencoder provided the fastest average encoding speeds in all 8 tests.

In July 2012, Zencoder was acquired by the Boston-based video company Brightcove.[5] Although the organization is part of Brightcove, it continues to function as an independent service.

Open Source Player[edit]

Zencoder is the creator of an open-source HTML5 video player, Video.js, built with Javascript, HTML, and CSS. Video.js plays video via native playback in all HTML5 browsers and devices, or through Adobe Flash when HTML5 playback is not available.


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