Zendtijd voor Kerken

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Zendtijd voor Kerken
TypePublic broadcaster
FoundedOctober 1994
Dissolved1 January 2016
Official website

Zendtijd voor Kerken (abbr. ZvK: English: Airtime for Churches) was a special broadcaster on the Netherlands Public Broadcasting system, which was allowed to broadcast on radio and television because of their religious background. It was one of the "2.42 broadcasters" (named after the Article 2.42 of the Mediawet, the Dutch media law, which allowed faith-based broadcasters to get airtime on radio and TV without having to have any members).

On 1 January 2016, ZvK closed down and its programming is now produced by EO.[1]

They made programming for various church communities namely:

IKON took care of part of the technical facilities of ZvK, until the closure of both broadcasters.


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