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Zeng family ancestral temple, in Houxian Village, Mazhan Town, Cangnan County, Zhejiang

Zeng ([tsə́ŋ], Chinese: ; pinyin: Zēng; Wade–Giles: Tseng; Jyutping: Cang4; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Chêng / Chn̂g / Cheng / Chan) is a Chinese family name. In Cantonese, it is Tsang; In Hokkien, such as those in Taiwan, Tseng or Tzeng; in Malaysia and Singapore, Chen or Cheng; in the Philippines, Chan; in Indonesia, Tjan; in Vietnam, Tăng. The surname Zeng is the 32nd most common surname in Mainland China as of 2019.[1] It is the 16th most common surname in Taiwan. It meant "high" or "add" in ancient Chinese.[2] Zeng is also a German family name with another origin.

Zeng was listed 385th on the Hundred Family Surnames.


The surname originates from (Chinese: ; pinyin: Céng) an ancient state located in present-day Cangshan County (now Lanling County) in Shandong province, which was granted to Qu Lie, son of the emperor Shao Kang in the Xia dynasty. The state was annexed by Ju[citation needed] (located mainly in present-day Shandong province) in 567 BC. The crown prince of the state, Wu, fled to Lu. He later dropped the radical in the character and adopted 曾 as his surname.

Generation Character[edit]

The Generation Character usually refers to the middle Character of the Chinese Name of a Zeng, and is used to determine the generation and clan a Zeng belongs to.

Generation Character Order[edit]

The Generation Character for Zeng from the 63rd Generation to the 97th Generation are as follows:

63rd to 67th Generation (Given in Year 1400)[edit]

Hong, Wen, Zhen, Shang and Yan

68th to 77th Generation (Set in Year 1628)[edit]

Xing, Yu, Chuan, Ji, Guang, Zhao, Xian, Qing, Fan and Xiang

78th to 87th Generation (Set in Year 1863)[edit]

Ling, De, Wei, Chui, You, Qin, Shao, Nian, Xian and Yang

88th to 97th Generation (Set in Year 1870)[edit]

Jian, Dao, Dun, An, Ding, Mao, Xiu, Zhao, Yi, Zhang, Yi, Wen, Huan, Jing, Rui, Yong, Xi, Shi, Xu, Chang

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