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Not to be confused with Zeng Cheng.
Gualv Square in Zengcheng
Gualv Square in Zengcheng
  Zengcheng in Guangzhou
  Zengcheng in Guangzhou
Country People's Republic of China
Province Guangdong
Sub-provincial city Guangzhou
 • Total 1,741.4 km2 (672.4 sq mi)
Population (2006)
 • Total 810,554
 • Density 470/km2 (1,200/sq mi)
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)
Postal code 511300
Area code(s) 020
Website http://www.zengcheng.gov.cn/
Zengcheng District
Simplified Chinese 增城区
Traditional Chinese 增城區
Canton Romanization zeng1 xing4 kêu1
Hanyu Pinyin Zēngchéng Qū
Alternative Chinese name
Chinese 增城
Canton Romanization zeng1 xing4
Hanyu Pinyin Zēngchéng
Postal Tsengshing

Zengcheng District, is a district of Guangzhou in the People's Republic of China. It became a district of Guangzhou on 12 February 2014.[1]

Administrative divisions[edit]

Name Chinese (S) Hanyu Pinyin Canton Romanization Population (2010)[2] Area (km2)
Licheng Subdistrict 荔城街道 Lìchéng Jiēdào lei6 séng4 gai1 dou6 191,777 132.27
Zengjiang Subdistrict 增江街道 Zēngjiāng Jiēdào zeng1 gong1 gai1 dou6 78,072 86.18
Zhucun Subdistrict 朱村街道 Zhūcūn Jiēdào ju1 qun1 gai1 dou6 43,557 93.90
Yongning Subdistrict 永宁街道 Yǒngníng Jiēdào wing5 ning4 gai1 dou6 104.14
Zhengguo Town 正果镇 Zhèngguǒ Zhèn zéng3 guo2 zen3 40,387 236.40
Shitan Town 石滩镇 Shítān Zhèn ség6 tan1 zen3 121,674 184.00
Xintang Town 新塘镇 Xīntáng Zhèn sen1 tong4 zen3 391,287 85.09
Zhongxin Town 中新镇 Zhōngxīn Zhèn zung1 sen1 zen3 78,293 236.00
Paitan Town 派潭镇 Pàitán Zhèn pai3 tam4 zen3 58,337 289.50
Xiaolou Town 小楼镇 Xiǎolóu Zhèn xiu2 leo4 zen3 33,725 136.00
Xiancun Town 仙村镇 Xiāncūn Zhèn xin1 qun1 zen3 56.65


Zengcheng was a county and it was established in Qin Dynasty, having a history of more than 2100 years. During the Ming Dynasty, because the area of Zengcheng county was too big for the empire to control, the emperor cut the north part out of the county to form Longmen county, which then was administered from to Huizhou city.

In 1993 the central Chinese government promoted Zengcheng county to Zengcheng city. In 2006 The small west part of Zengcheng became the Luogang district of Guangzhou City, which was then renamed to Huangpu district in 2014. Despite this status as a district, the people of Zengcheng district consider themselves as part of Zengcheng, rather than part of Guangzhou; this is in part because of the great distance between Zengcheng and downtown Guangzhou (100km). Moreover, before the 20th century, many people from Zengcheng had never even visited Guangzhou[3] Moreover, those from Zengcheng speak a different Yue dialect or Hakka than those of Guangzhou.


Zengcheng's mild climate, fertile land, annual average temperature of 22.2 degrees and average yearly rainfall of 1,869 millimetres (73.6 in) make it suitable for tropical and subtropical crop growth. The district is noted for production of the lychee.

Tourist Attractions[edit]

Twin Dragon Resort opened to public in December 2014. The resort has a total area of 163 acres, and it consists of two theme parks, East Village and West Village. Located in the heart of Erlongshan subtropical rainforest, Twin Dragon Resort is blessed with exceptional natural resources and marvelous landscapes. To experience traditional Chinese culture, Twin Dragon Resort also offers a variety of family activities and events, suitable for visitors of all ages to participate.



  • Guangdong University of Technology Huali College
  • Guangzhou University Songtian College
  • Guangdong University of Finance & Economics Huashang College
  • Guangzhou Kangda Vocational Technical College

International schools[edit]


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