Zengena Lake

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Zengena Lake
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Zengena Lake
Zengena Lake is located in Ethiopia
Zengena Lake
Zengena Lake
LocationAmhara Region
Coordinates10°54′50″N 36°58′00″E / 10.91389°N 36.96667°E / 10.91389; 36.96667Coordinates: 10°54′50″N 36°58′00″E / 10.91389°N 36.96667°E / 10.91389; 36.96667
Typecrater lake
Basin countriesEthiopia
Max. length1 km (0.62 mi)
Max. width1 km (0.62 mi)
Max. depth166 m (545 ft)
Surface elevation2,500 m (8,200 ft)

Zengena Lake (Amharic: ዘንገና ህይቅ) is a crater lake located at 10°54′50″N 36°58′00″E / 10.91389°N 36.96667°E / 10.91389; 36.96667 in the Awi Zone of the Amhara Region in Ethiopia. It is situated between the towns of Injibara and Kessa, only 200 m from the Addis Ababa-Bahir Dar highway at an elevation of 2500 m. The diameter of the lake is roughly 1 km. With a maximum depth of 166 m, it is the second deepest lake in Ethiopia after Lake Shala. Its rim is made of unconsolidated ash deposits. Zengena Lake is most likely a maar lake formed by volcanic explosion and collapse.[1]


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