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Function Carrier rocket
Manufacturer Yuzhnoye
Country of origin  Ukraine
Height 59.6 metres (196 ft)
Diameter 3.9 metres (13 ft)
Mass 471,000 kilograms (1,038,000 lb)
Stages Three
Payload to
3,750 kilograms (8,270 lb)
Associated rockets
Family Zenit
Comparable Zenit-3SLBF
Launch history
Status Active
Launch sites Baikonur Site 45/1
Total launches 5
Successes 5
First flight 28 April 2008
First Stage
Engines 1 RD-171
Thrust 8,180 kilonewtons (1,840,000 lbf)
Specific impulse 337 sec
Burn time 150 seconds
Fuel RP-1/LOX
Second Stage
Engines 1 RD-120
1 RD-8
Thrust 912 kilonewtons (205,000 lbf)
79.5 kilonewtons (17,900 lbf)
Specific impulse 349 sec
Burn time 315 seconds
Fuel RP-1/LOX
Third Stage - Block DM-SLB
Engines 1 RD-58M
Thrust 84.9 kilonewtons (19,100 lbf)
Specific impulse 352 sec
Burn time 650 seconds
Fuel RP-1/LOX

The Zenit-3SLB or Zenit-3M is a Ukrainian expendable carrier rocket derived from the Zenit-2SLB. It is a member of the Zenit family of rockets, which were designed by the Yuzhnoye Design Bureau. It is a modified version of the Zenit-3SL, designed to be launched from a conventional launch pad rather than the Sea Launch Ocean Odyssey platform.

Launches of Zenit-3SLB rockets are conducted from Site 45/1 at the Baikonur Cosmodrome. Commercial launches are conducted by Land Launch, and use the designation 3SLB, whilst launches conducted by Roskosmos or the Russian Space Forces will use the designation 3M.

It consists of a Zenit-2SB (Zenit-2M) core vehicle, with a Block DM-SLB upper stage. The first launch of a Zenit-3SLB occurred on 28 April 2008, carrying the Israeli AMOS-3 satellite. This was also the first commercial Zenit launch from Baikonur since a failed Globalstar launch in 1998, and the first launch to be conducted by the Land Launch consortium.


  1. A Zenit-3SLB launched the AMOS-3 communications satellite on April 28, 2008.[1]
  2. A Zenit-3SLB inserted the Telstar 11N communications satellite into a geosynchronous transfer orbit on February 26, 2009.[2]
  3. A Zenit-3SLB deployed to orbit the MEASAT-3a satellite (formerly MEASAT-1R) on June 21, 2009.[3]
  4. A Zenit-3SLB lifted off on November 30, 2009 and subsequently deployed Intelsat 15 into orbit.[1]
  5. A Zenit-3SLB lifted off on October 5, 2011 and subsequently deployed Intelsat 18 into orbit.
  6. A Zenit-3SLB lifted off on August 31, 2013 to deploy the Israeli AMOS-4 satellite into orbit.


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