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The zenith is the point in the sky that appears directly above the observer (opposite: nadir). In general, zenith may mean "highest point", used in sentences like Mount Everest is the zenith of the world.

Zenith may also mean:







  • HMS Zenith, the name of various ships of the British Royal Navy and of the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Division at Southampton
  • MV Zenith, a cruise ship
  • USS Zenith (SP-61), a patrol vessel that served in the United States Navy from 1917 to 1918


  • Zenith, Kansas, a community in the U.S.
  • The Zenith number, also known as Enterprise or WX, referring to a toll-free telephone service
  • Zenith camera, an astronomic or geodetic instrument which is directed exactly to the zenith
  • Zenith Plateau or Zenith Seamount, an undersea bathymetric high beneath the Indian Ocean.

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