Zenkoku Kōkō Soccer

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Zenkoku Kōkō Soccer
Cover art
Developer(s) Affect
Publisher(s) Yojigen
Series Zenkoku Kōkō Soccer
Platform(s) Super Famicom
  • JP: November 25, 1994
Genre(s) Traditional soccer simulation
Mode(s) Single-player

Zenkoku Kōkō Soccer (全国高校サッカー, "High School Soccer Tournament of Japan Cup") is a soccer simulation game, developed by Affect and published by Yojigen, which was released exclusively in Japan in 1994. It features teams from the Japanese high schools. These teams are located on the islands in addition to the mainland.

Two sequels were spawned: Zenkoku Kōkō Soccer 2 and Zenkoku Kōkō Soccer Senshuken '96.


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