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FounderJohn Wilson
Cutgate, Rochdale, Greater Manchester

Zenobi is a video game company that is known for its interactive fiction. The company was started by John Wilson in late 1982.[1] Originally formed as a part-time operation it became full-time in early 1986. The company produced and published adventure-games for the ZX Spectrum (along with the Atari) range of home computer from 1982 to 1997. Since then it has concentrated on the "emulation" side of things and still produces numerous "compilation" CDs and DVDs.

On September 1st 2018, for the first time in nearly thirty years,[2] there came a new Zenobi adventure-game available for the ZX Spectrum: 'Ramsbottom Smith and The Quest For The Yellow Spheroid', which is a conversion to the Spectrum format of the original ADVENTURON version.


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