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OriginSan Francisco, California, U.S.
Years active2004 (2004)–present[1]
LabelsWhatAreRecords? (2008) Bonny Boy Records, (2005)
  • Clementine, drums


  • Gretchen Menn, lead guitar


  • Holly West, bass guitar


  • Anna Kristina, vocals
Past members
  • Angeline Saris, bass guitar


  • Noelle Doughty, vocals


  • Nila Minnerok, bass player
  • Miaya Shambry, vocals

Zepparella is an all-female American Led Zeppelin tribute band founded and formed in 2005 in San Francisco, California, by the band's drummer, Clementine and Sina from Bottom. The current band consists of lead vocalist Anna Kristina, guitarist Gretchen Menn, bassist Holly West, and drummer Clementine.

The original members were Sina of BØTTØM, Gretchen Menn, Nila Minnerok and Clementine. In 2011, Sina left to continue making original music and the lead vocal was replaced by Miaya Shambry and the bass player by Angeline Saris; soon after the lead vocal changed again and Noelle Doughty took the place. In 2017 Anna Kristina came back as lead vocal and after some time Angeline Saris decided to leave the band, because she had many projects ; she was replaced by Holly West.

Zepparella released a self-titled 10-song studio album in 2014.[2] and three live albums, Live at 19 Broadway in 2005;[3] A Pleasing Pounding on WhatAreRecords? in 2010,[4] and Live at Sweetwater in 2016[5]

The band has produced two videos "When the Levee Breaks," released in 2010 with over 14 million YouTube views;[6] and "Dazed and Confused," released in 2012 with over 1 million YouTube views.[7]

Steve Vai performed with Zepparella at the Malibu Guitar Festival in Malibu, California, on May 19, 2017.[8]


Gretchen Menn - Lead Guitar: Music Man Silhouette and Silhouette Special; Sadowsky Nylon String Electric; DiMarzio Pickups, cables, straps; Bi-Onyx amp and cabinet; Engl Special Edition E 670 EL 34 1977 Marshall JMP amp; Providence guitar effects pedals[9]

Clementine - Drummer: 1973 Ludwig kit, 24-20-18-14. Paiste Bonham reissue; Paiste 2002 cymbals; Ludwig SupraPhonic snare.[10]



  • Live at 19 Broadway - live (2005)
  • A Pleasing Pounding - live (2010)
  • Zepparella - a 10-song studio album (2014)
  • Live at Sweetwater - live (2016)


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