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Zero Cipher
Zero Cipher
Background information
OriginFarnham, England
Years active1998–2009
LabelsNull Void,
Deck Cheese (2007)
Anticulture (2004-6)
Copro (2002-4)
MembersDuncan Williams
Barnaby 'DJ Force X' Whattingham
Ryan Harris
Lewis Wheeler

Zero Cipher were a metal/rock/alternative[1][2] band from Farnham, Surrey, England. The band formed in the year 1998 from members of other bands within their local area.[3][4] They played a style of music that fuses metal, rock, and industrial, although they cite wide-ranging influences like Carcass, Wham, and Depeche Mode.[5] Googlism describes them as "noisecore mixed with turntablism".[6] They broke up in October 2009.


Zero Cipher take their name from a mathematical riddle based on cryptography. They have released albums on Anticulture records, and Deck Cheese records, as well as self-funded releases on Copro records, and their own label, Null Void records. They have played in the past with bands such as Skindred,[7] Stampin' Ground[8] and Breed 77; and have been supported by the likes of Enter Shikari and Bullet For My Valentine.[9] They were the last band to tour with rap/metalcore band One Minute Silence in July 2003,[10] and OMS' singer Yap performs guest vocals on "My Statement of Misintent", a track on their second album "Diary of a Sadist".[11]

Recent news[edit]

Zero Cipher have a third album, titled Juggernaut due out in 2009.[12][13]

An early demo from Juggernaut, titled "Fist of the North Star" was released by Metal Hammer magazine in November 2007, to coincide with their appearance at the Hard Rock Hell festival with Cradle of Filth and Twisted Sister[14] - The band have also been featured by Rock Sound, Kerrang and Big Cheese, leading to performances at Kerrang's Scumfest[15] and a European tour with Austrians, 'Spout', including a performance at Rock Im Park festival.[16]


Line-up changes[edit]

Zero Cipher changed rhythm section in 2003, appointing Ryan Harris of Fony on bass guitar.[17]

Video controversy[edit]

Zero Cipher's video for the track "Stupid People Make Me Angry" was playlisted on Totalrock Radio and Scuzz TV. Subsequent Zero Cipher videos have failed to make such an impact on mainstream music television, with MTV2 turning down the videos for "The Hijack" and "The Thrills, The Kills, The Rapture" because of their depictions of drug use and/or violence.[18] Organ TV, a Public-access television cable TV channel, screened the TV premier of the video for 2005 single "It's No Secret"[19]


Somewhat unusually for an unsigned band, Zero Cipher were endorsed by Marshall amplifiers before ever releasing an album. In 2006, Duncan became endorsed by Vigier guitars, who made him a custom all-black "Indus" model. Duncan subsequently appeared at the London International Music Show in 2008 on the Vigier stage.[20]


Studio albums[edit]

Year Album Label Date
2003 45 Minutes of FairyTale Endings / 45rpm [21] Copro Records 2 June 2003
2005 Diary of a Sadist[22] Anticulture Records 31 October 2005
2007 Diary of a Sadist 2nd Edition Null Void Records 7 May 2007
2009 Juggernaut Null Void Records 31 March 2009

Compilation appearances[edit]

Year Compilation Label Catalogue No. Track
2002 Class of 2002[23] Future Publishing MHR97/01/02 "She Loves Me Not" (demo)
2003 Sound of the Underground[24] Future Publishing MHR121/13/03 "Stupid People (Make Me Angry)"
2005 Zero Tolerance[25] Zero Tolerance Magazine ZTAudio004 "Kiss and Tell"
2006 Hard 'n' Heavy Vol. 84[26] Cyber Press HNHCD119 "It's No Secret"
2007 Hard Rock Hell[27] Future Publishing MHR171CD2/11/07 "Fist of the North Star"

Other songs[edit]

  • "Gay Bar" (cover of Electric Six) - was A listed on Totalrock Radio and has been played by Colin Murray on BBC Radio 1.[28]
  • "Vitriolic HSF" (cover of earthtone9) - appears on debut album which was released by the same label as the earthtone9 albums, copro records.[29]

Band members[edit]

  • Duncan Williams, PhD − vocals, guitar
  • Barnaby Whattingham − scratch DJ
  • Ryan Harris − bass
  • Lewis Wheeler − drums


  • Kerrang! - Runner up for Best Unsigned Band 2002. (Runner Up)
  • Amplify This - Best British Band 2003. (Won)
  • Rancid News - Best New Band 2003. (Won)


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