Zero Gear

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Zero Gear
Zero Gear.jpg
Promotional image for the game featuring some of the game's kart combinations and items.
Developer(s) NimbleBit
Publisher(s) NimbleBit
Designer(s) David Marsh
Brian Cronin
Ian Marsh[1]
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Release January 12, 2010[2]
Genre(s) Racing
Mode(s) Multiplayer

Zero Gear is a racing game developed and published by NimbleBit. In the game the player controls a kart and tries to finish first trying to make the other players fail by using weapon pick-ups. The game officially supports up to eight players (though servers with up to 16 slots are possible), allows for customized carts and drivers, and has multiple game modes such as "Race", "Tag", "Goal", and "Target."[3] A fifth mode, "Sumo," was added in an update[4]

Without any announcements, this project was discontinued and the website is no longer available to visit. In the Steam Summer Sale of 2014, the game went on sale for .99 cents, but no longer receives updates.


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